Sunday, March 13, 2011

favorite new singer & new song

First, I want to apologize for the weird formatting on the poems in my last entry.  No idea how that happened, but I scanned and OCR'ed it and then polished it up in Open Office, but obviously there was something strange hanging out in the formatting.  I'm a little weak on formatting in Word (or clones thereof), but don't tell anyone.
OK, so I saw this singer and heard this song on SNL last night, and I was really blown away.  I've heard two songs and already I like her better than Lady Gaga and Katy Perry combined.  I went snooping around YouTube, and they don't yet have her SNL performance of this song, though they do have the other one she did last night.  But I found the regular video and a live acoustic performance which is just mindblowing.  Her name is Jessie J, and the song is called Price Tag.  She's British and I guess already pretty popular in the UK,
This is one of those songs I want to load onto my mp3 playing and listen to over and over until I know every word and then until I'm totally sick of it.

Also, I have a job interview on Wednesday.  It's with a high-end jeweler -- very high-end.  She does very beautiful designs which are very expensive, and her business is on a much smaller scale than Stephen's.  We actually had a long talk on the phone today and it might be a good match.  This is mostly for production work but my feeling is that she also needs someone who can work with computers and has some design sense...possibly also some bookkeeping and publicity.  I'll just have to see how it feels, what the workload would be like and, if it comes to it, what she wants to pay.

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