Monday, February 7, 2011

stupid newbie

I joined "LinkedIn" because everyone says you have to, when you're looking for work.  I guess I did the sign-in OK, but I have absolutely no idea what to do now or how it works. I am hoping that jobs fall from the trees.

Otherwise, it's just the usual morass of stress.  I saw a couple of employment agencies last week, temp and perm, and they all basically said, "Sign up with as many agencies as you can."  The market is kind of bleak.

Speaking of bleak, Barry and I have to do paperwork today for medicaid, food stamps, and cash assistance (or whatever they're calling welfare these days).  We had already completed the food stamps application, but apparently we have to do it all over again as part of applying for all three types of benefit.

Bleak is bleak, just plain bleak.  One break in the bleak is that I'm going out to Jannah's on the 18th, partly to visit but partly to see if I can sell some jewelry.  I'm making some very inexpensive memory wire bracelets for the occasion.

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