Friday, June 25, 2010

hot and the hots

The weather has been brutally hot over the past week. I finally got out today to swap change for cash at a bank near the Avenue U station on the B and Q trains. It's a bus ride from here. We tend to accumulate a lot of change because Barry doesn't spend change -- he always forks over paper money only, so the change piles up. (On the other hand, I always carry and use change, especially pennies, which makes store clerks very happy.) So usually, when I carry as much change as possible, I get about $30-40. But I guess I had more silver and less pennies than usually, because I got $134. This was excellent, since we're still cash-poor. So I picked up my prescriptions at RiteAid, bought some couscous, wet wipes, cotton rounds, nonfat Greek yogurt, and other necessities. I also stopped into a large mideastern kosher grocery, and joy of joys, they had pickled lemons! (Our local guy isn't making them again until August, when the orthodox folks around here come back from summering in New Jersey, generally Deal or Monsey. I pickled a jar of lemons myself, but they won't be ready until July 4.) They are so, so delicious!

Speaking of delicious, I seem to have developed the hots for Adam Richman, the Brooklynite host of Man v. Food. I love me some big men -- I definitely prefer husky to scrawny. I've dated four plus-sized men that I can recall offhand (one was Ron, mentioned in a prior entry), and three of them were dead sexy and gave wonderful head. (Oral types, y'know?) I also love Adam because he's Jewish and from Brooklyn. I guess I'm coming alive below the waist again, first time in about two or three years. I love watching Adam eat on TV and can imagine, rather vividly, making out with him. (The show itself is pretty funny -- he travels to a city and checks out it's pig-out specialties, generally ending with some joint that has a food challenge -- like eating eight huge tacos in an hour, or a four-pound grilled cheese sandwich. Hence the "versus." He tends toward spicy food and pork. He did an NYC show recently and ate at Brennan & Carr, on the same Avenue U as my very own crossstreet, and where Barry and I have enjoyed many a hot beef sandwich. I love Adam and am going to watch him right now.

And hey -- I get a traffic report on this blog every week, and it comes up all zeroes, week after week. I understand that my subscribers don't show up on it, but that would mean I only have two readers. I guess I do this for my own mental health.

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  1. I'm here and reading!!! I've been a bit quiet lately, because I've been so damn busy. Tim had his shoulder surgery on Monday, and in some ways it is like having a large child. Maybe it's worse. However, the good news is that he's going to get better.

    I think I owe you an email.