Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Betty White & doctors (mine, not hers)

I am stupidly excited about seeing Betty White host SNL on May 8. I didn't watch The Golden Girls, but just from The Mary Tyler Moore Show and the movie Lake Placid, I absolutely adore her. And I'm not the only one: there is an adorable fan video that captures many of her memorable lines, and even has some images of an extremely lovely young Betty. For those who first encountered her on MTM or Golden Girls, her extreme naughtiness was a shock simply because of her age. For me, it goes back farther, because I remember her first as the wife of Allen Ludden, the host of the game show Password, who was at the time considered a kind of uber-square, and I always thought of her as Mrs. Uber-Square. This is why my favorite Betty White line is from Lake Placid: "This is where, if I had a dick, I would tell you to suck it." Lake Placid is a pretty funny movie; although the leads, Jeff Daniels and Bridget Fonda, and kind of bland, both Betty and Oliver Platt (love him) play pretty off-kilter and funny characters.

Doctors: I saw two of them today, my GYN and my general doctor. Exhausting but I'm glad I did it. I have to do all kinds of follow-up stuff re: the GYN: mammogram, breast sonogram, vaginal sonogram, bone density test, and a consult session at her practice about my stress incontinence, which may lead to a referral to another doctor. Also got three prescriptions from her. Even though this is only the second time I've seen her, and the last time was (yikes) three years ago, I adore her. She's efficient, friendly, clear, and non-judgmental. My general doctor was pleased with my weight loss, still not happy with my pressure (he upped one med), needs bloods, answered questions, finished my Hep B vaccination and maybe there was more, I don't remember, but I have to do blood tests for him and go back in another couple of weeks for a pressure check (at which point he will decide on a new cholesterol med for me and let me know how the blood test results). So things are turning around, I'm turning around, and the healthier eating is not so difficult and is really paying off.

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  1. I like Betty White too. I really loved her on the Golden Girls. I'm surprised I liked GG, but it always makes me laugh.

    Good work on the doctors. Sounds like you're moving in the right direction